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The watch section on The Voice of Fashion shows well-curated fashion videos for the viewers who want genuine and useful resource and latest fashion trends. It shows an overview of different fashion markets, most recent fashion trends, conversation with different designers and people associated with the fashion industry, for example videos, inside different markets from different regions of India. With such videos on latest fashion trends, viewers get a chance to experience the market and the requisite knowledge about content, curation, pricing and quality. All these things are important to understand latest trends in fashion.

This section comprises of attractive fashion videos which gives people a chance to have more inside look to the fashion industry and the work that goes into it. It also gives a wider look to the textile and crafts of our country. The videos are kept short and well put together so that the viewer get the maximum knowledge about the latest fashion trends talked about in less time.

The fashion videos are fact-based and created through relevant storytelling. All the videos made are keeping in mind the thought behind the voice of fashion that is, its inclusivity of glamour, latest fashion trends, gender, sustainability, celebrity fashion, crafts and textiles. this platform helps the views to know the intersection of fashion with art, culture, music, cinema, craft, society all in one. It gives us the inside scoop of the workmanship of different designers and also the overview fashion weeks.

The fashion videos are put in such a way that makes the viewers interested in knowing more. The videos give a perfect balance to the content on the voice of fashion. The videos are on the relevant ongoing and interesting topics. Everyone wants to know what going behind the scenes of making a collection, the watch section gives the chance to have a look about what goes behind the making of a collection. Different people of the industry are interviewed to know more details.